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Spring Resolution

Oh my God, this place has been collecting dust. I’ve been wanting to get back to posting here regularly for a while now, but life just gets in the way. For one thing, my baby is no longer a baby— instead I’ve now got a toddler who never seems to sit still for more than a few moments, and who’s recent accomplishment of walking means I’ve gotta watch her even more closely to keep her out of trouble.

I’m also now regularly contributing to three parenting websites, and as much I love writing, when you do it for a living it’s a bit harder to motivate yourself to do it in your downtown as well. That being said, I still feel like I have so many thoughts and stories to share and I don’t want those ideas to disappear. So, even though my New Year’s resolution of writing didn’t work out, I’m going to take the first day of spring as an opportunity to renew that pledge (and I’m also going to use the fact that I made a spring resolution as an opportunity not to do any spring cleaning). Let’s hope this one sticks!

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