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Three Resolutions for a Happy 2017

I recently wrote that I wanted to start blogging regularly again, and as this is my first post in almost three weeks, I obviously stuck to that plan like glue. 

Or not. 

But it’s a new year, and a new year means a fresh start, right?

One of my many resolutions for 2017 is to write even more. Launching this blog was one of the highlights of my 2016 (which was a personal best, even if it was a massive dumpster fire in terms of the world), and I’m so glad I’ll have it as a snapshot of my first year as a mom to look back on some day. 

I’ve also had a blast writing for other websites, and I plan to do much more of that in 2017 as well. I’ve been writing regularly for and I’ll be doing the same for I love both sites and I’m really proud to be apart of them. 

I’ve got some non-writing related resolutions for this year, too. Eat healthier, exercise, blah blah blah— you know the ones. But I’m also making some resolutions about my life as a mom, and the way I want to spend my time in the coming year. 

First off, I want to spend more of my extremely limited free time doing things I actually find enjoyable and enriching, and not, say, standing at my kitchen sink doing dishes. I have a baby who seems to be allergic to naps, and any time she goes down during the day I seem to find myself tearing around my house like a maniac trying to whip it into some kind of shape. This year I’d like to say to hell with and just a read a damn book or something. 

Secondly, while many people are resolving to spend less money this year, I’m resolving to spend a little more of it on myself. Why is so hard for moms to treat themselves a bit? I seem to have no trouble buying my daughter one of everything ridiculous from the Target baby section every month, but when it comes to things I need, I often find myself agonizing over the expense. I can afford to live a little, and mom guilt is no reason not to. 

Third, I need to stop being a wimp and spend a couple of kid-free nights away in 2017. My baby just turned one and her dad and I have only spent one night without her so far, and it somehow feels like it was about eight years ago already. I'm pretty confident we'll all survive if we do it again... and I’m angling for Harry Potter World.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year, and thanks for reading. 

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