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Winter Birthday Blues

My daughter turned one at the end of December, which means I can officially congratulate myself on keeping a baby alive and out of trouble for an entire year— so crazy!  

Celebrating my little's birthday sent me into full blown Pinterest mode. I made a baby-sized three-layer cake (baked inside a Campbell's soup can, of all things) for her to smash. I spent weeks hunting down party accessories for her "Winter One-derland"-themed bash. I even lovingly tied tiny little scarves on gum stick snowmen for the goody bags. I was pretty proud of myself, but more importantly, I was really excited for our family and friends to see our happy little toddler on her big day. 

Unfortunately, our winter wonderland theme was a little too on-point, because we ended up getting a snowstorm that forced pretty much all of our guests to cancel. It was a huge bummer— though obviously not nearly as much of a bummer as it would've been to hear that someone had gotten into a car accident trying to get to the party. I mean, my goody bags were pretty sweet, but not kill and/or maim yourself in a 10 car pileup sweet.  

We'd already pushed back her celebration by a week or so because her birthday falls so close to New Year's, but January in the north east is still a perilous time to be inviting dozens of out-of-town guests, I suppose. Luckily, our baby girl had a blast with the small crowd that did manage to make it out. She loved batting around the balloons, enjoyed digging into her gorgeous penguin cake, and delighted in playing with tiny squares of ripped up wrapping paper while ignoring her brand new presents.

I know I took the whole snow situation way harder than she did— she's way too little to appreciate a birthday party at all, let alone understand that 75 percent of her guests were missing. But it does make me a little nervous about the future, and worried that her holiday/winter birthday will lead to more disappointments as she gets older. It's a little ironic, because one of my first assignments for was this piece on ways to celebrate a December baby's birthday. One of my bullet points was just skip the whole thing and opt for a half-birthday celebration instead. It's the kind of thing that before becoming a mom myself I would have been like, "OMG, RIDICULOUS!" and now I'm like, "Hmmm... that could work." I don't know if I'll end up taking that extreme a step but... maybe save the date for July 7, 2018, just in case. 

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