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14 Things That Have Made Me Feel Like a Bad Mom

There's no doubt that this is a joyous time in my life. I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and I'm lucky enough to spend my days at home with her, watching her learn and grow and explore and generally just be an amazing little person. It's awesome.

But for all the happiness motherhood has brought me, it's all dumped tons of guilt onto my head. Like pretty much every mom since the dawn of time, I spend way too much time and mental energy worrying about whether I'm a bad one. The list of reasons why I fear I won't be earning a "Mom of the Year" award any time soon is lengthy:

  1. The length of my baby's finger nails and their general scraggliness 
  2. The number of days since her last bath 
  3. The number of days since my last shower (currently unknown)
  4. The number of times I’ve given up on trying to entertain her with real toys and handed her my iPhone (she FaceTimed a friend in Ohio just yesterday)
  5. Her refusal to eat solid food (is she holding out for burritos and pizza because that’s what I ate while I was pregnant?)
  6. Forgetting to put socks on her before going to the supermarket (and having to rush through the Arctic tundra that is the frozen food section)
  7. Not being able to stop her from catching two colds and a mild case of croup to date
  8. Dressing her outfits that don't quite match because I haven’t had time to do the laundry
  9. Not taking her on enough walks (because it always seems to be too hot or too cold to my paranoid self
  10. The amount of Netflix I’ve managed to watch since becoming a stay at home mom
  11. Not reading to her often enough (she’s mainly interested in wrestling the book out of my hands to chew on, but still)
  12. My constant exhaustion
  13. The baby book that I haven't filled out yet
  14. Not sanitizing every little thing she comes into contact with

There is, however, an important argument to be made in favor of me being a good mom, which I've already mentioned. She's happy and healthy, and most of all- I love her with all my heart. 

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