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4 More Things My Baby Finds More Interesting Than All Her Toys

Someone asked me the other day what my baby’s favorite toys were, and it took me an embarrassing amount of time to come up with an answer. I totally blanked on what to say, not because I’m a neglectful mother who pays no attention to her baby’s interests, but because the things my baby most loves to play with aren’t actually toys. 

We’ve discussed this before, and it hasn’t changed- though her taste seems a little more sophisticated now.

Here’s what’s grabbing her attention these days:

Water bottles. As soon as I crack one open, baby’s eyes are locked on it like laser beams. She immediately pulls it to her mouth like she’s ready to chug, but the few times I’ve given her a sip, her reaction has made it clear: Water. Is. Disgusting. 

Spoons. Baby’s favorite thing to do with a spoon is fling any food off of it onto to wall, and then wave the handle around like a mad woman. This is both obnoxiously messy and super adorable, because it makes her look like a tiny wizard trying to castle a spell with her wand. 

Jewelry. If you wear a bracelet, necklace, or god forbid, hoop earrings around my baby, be prepared for her to try and rip them off. At this point I’m assuming she’s either going to be a pickpocket or a QVC addict when she grows up.

Plastic bags. Most fun suffocation hazard ever! Apparently none of the crinkly toys she owns can compare to the real deal plastic bag sound. At least she’s easy to shop for! 

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