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Why My Husband Should Hide My Wallet

There are a lot of things about stay-at-home mom life that are going to take some serious getting used to. While I’m slightly less stressed and sleepy than when I was working, I’ve realized that there’s now a whole new set of challenges to work through. 

One aspect of SAHM life that is a little nerve-wracking for me is the lack of a paycheck. I’ve been working and controlling my own finances for years, and I was always lucky enough to be able to pay my bills, save for the future, and indulge plenty of shopping whims.

My current boss, however, works me to the brink of exhaustion on a daily basis, and she doesn’t even have the decency to pay me. So now that we are a one-income family, I’m going to need some willpower when it comes to those impulse purchases. Which means I’m going to have to follow my own advice and stay the hell out of Target.

The last time I was there, probably shopping for diapers and groceries, I somehow walked out with a giant inflatable duck and something called a “baby boat” for my daughter. I can’t quite recall how I convinced myself that she needed those things at the time, but nonetheless, they went home with me. 

It’s not just Target I have a problem with. I also recently went to Babies-R-Us on the hunt for an umbrella stroller. Despite the fact that I’ve spent weeks stressed out about the insane amount of baby clothing strewn about our apartment, I bought several more outfits. Oops. I did at least manage to leave without buying an ExerSauser or a walker, which I am counting as a victory (even though it was only because the boxes would have been too heavy to carry myself).

I know that the money I’m spending on these crazy things for my girl could be an extra contribution to her college fund. But the thing is, it’s hard to really feel buyer’s remorse in the face of cuteness overload. That baby boat? Best photo op ever! Those new clothes she didn’t need? She looks adorable in them! 

Still though, I know the spending needs to stop, or at least slow way down. I need to be more responsible, and set that money aside for her future. Because you know what hugely expensive life event will be here before I know it? Her first birthday party! And she'll definitely be needing a new outfit for that. 

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