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Is 8 Enough? Ask Mick Jagger in a Few Months

Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger is about to become a dad again. For the 8th time. At age 72. 

No, none of that is a typo. It’s really happening. 

Shockingly, the internet hasn’t broken out the pitchforks about how it’s unfair to the child or whatever, as they inevitably do when the older parent in question is the mother (who in this case is 29).

I too am trying not to be all Judgy McJudgerson about it, because who am I to impose an age limit on procreation? But I can't help but wonder... 72? With 8 children? Just thinking about it makes me feel like collapsing. Where does the man find the energy? 

I'm 32, and I have one child, and I'm probably going to look as old as Jagger does pretty soon due to a combination sleep deprivation and stress.

All my 6-month-old can do right now is sit up, roll around, and whack me in the face with her toys, and yet I still have trouble keeping up with her. Getting through each day is exhausting, and it's hard to imagine how I'd deal with another child someday. So 8 is obviously going to be a hard pass for me. Mick is a better man than I, apparently.

Another interesting twist to this news? Jagger is actually a great-grandfather, which means his new baby will be born a grand-aunt or -uncle. Or is it great-great-aunt or -uncle? Who even knows. 

Let's hope none of the Jagger kids are ever given a "family tree" school project.

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