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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

You guys! I have a six-month-old baby! Can you believe it? I really, really can't. In honor of this special half-birthday, here's a look at some highlights and milestones from my baby love's life so far.

Miss Emmeline:

  1. Says mama.
  2. Has no idea that she is saying it, or that I am gloating over it. 
  3. Is still exclusively breastfed.
  4. Acts like I'm feeding her poison when I try to give her solids. 
  5. Weighs enough to make my arms sore from lifting her. Yet another reason to skip a gym membership!
  6. Slept through the night once. ONCE
  7. Has not spent a single night in the nursery I spent several months and way too much money designing.
  8. Is wearing 9 month sizes. Except when I need to squeeze her into something adorable and expensive that I forgot I bought
  9. Took her first trip into Manhattan. Only projectile vomited twice.

It's been the best, hardest, craziest, and happiest 6 months ever. Time to start planning the first birthday party!

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