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I Just Want One Hour of Free Time

When you have a baby, a full-time job, a husband you’d like to spend at least a few minutes a week with, and a home you’d like to keep from becoming an environmental hazard, you don’t really have a ton of time to yourself. And that sucks, because time to yourself is awesome. It’s one of my favorite things, and it might just be what I miss most about my pre-baby life. While I can say without hesitation or fear of being a cornball that this is the best and happiest time of my life, I can also admit that I’d pretty much kill for an hour of uninterrupted time to myself. The uninterrupted part is key, because I consider feeling guilty an interruption (like when I’m enjoying a Target shopping spree and suddenly feel selfish for not being at home snuggling my baby). I sometimes fantasize about all things I would do with that hour. In no particular order, I’d:

  1. Watch Netflix (without hitting pause once!)
  2. Shower without turning off the water multiple times because I think I hear the baby 
  3. Leave the house not looking disheveled 
  4. Read more than 3 pages of a book at a time 
  5. Get the massage I've been wanting (nay, NEEDING) since I was pregnant
  6. Get my nails done
  7. Shop for some clothes that actually fit my ridiculous breastfeeding boobs
  8. Spend quality time with my husband, maybe even talk about something other than the baby (challenging)

Every once in a while, the stars align and I actually do get a little time to myself. Whenever a luxurious hour stretches out before me, I run over this glorious list in my head. And you know what I end up doing?

Taking a nap.

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