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Netflix Wishes and DVR Dreams

As much as I love my baby, I have to admit that I feel a little thrill every time she falls asleep (and sometimes it’s a huge thrill, depending on what kind of mood she’s in). There are always a million things that I can finally tackle whenever she finally passes out. Making bottles, doing dishes, keeping my home from becoming an environmental hazard, that kind of stuff. It seems like whenever I spend nap time on chores, the little one gets in a nice long rest. But if I try to squeeze in a little relaxation for myself, she’s suddenly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. How?! Also, WHY?!

Just the other day, I put baby girl down for a nap in her favorite spot (my bed). She was spread eagle and out cold, and I had a good feeling that she was down for the count. I decided to tempt fate and catch up on some Netflix. I wasn’t taking any chances, so I kept it on mute and used the closed captioning instead. I felt like a genius, and not just because I was technically reading instead of watching TV. But I guess I got too cocky, because minutes in to the episode, I glanced over to find her watching right along with me. Sneaky! She’s way too young for screen time, so I (reluctantly) turned it off. If you happen to know how the third episode of “Grace and Frankie” Season 2 ends, don’t tell me. I plan to finish it in chunks of approximately 45 seconds each over the course of several more weeks of naps. Possibly months. 

That’s how I watch all my favorite shows these days, and it’s why my daughter will probably be in kindergarten before I find out who the terrorist is on “Quantico” or who Jane ends up with on “Jane the Virgin” or what’s going on with Mindy and Danny on “The Mindy Project.”

It’s not nearly as much fun as a binge watch, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Wish me luck in avoiding spoilers for the next 4 years. 

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