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This is Just to Say...

Hello, and welcome to, I'm Kristina Johnson. If I sound like I just introduced a newscast, it's probably because I produce them for a living. I've spent nearly a decade working in TV news, but in December 2015 I took on a second full time job- motherhood. It was far and away the absolute best decision I've ever made, and also the most insane. 

Remember that show on MTV that starts out, "You think you know... But you have no idea"? That pretty much sums up every moment of my mommy life so far. And you know what? It's amazing. And exhausting, and disgusting, and really friggin' hard and also the most fun ever. There are days (like when I've lost track of how many diapers I've changed and how long it's been since my last shower) when I feel like if I didn't laugh, I'd cry... And that's where this site comes in. I'll be sharing the highs and lows of parenthood, from the inescapable anxiety to the joyful milestones to the inescapable anxiety about the joyful milestones. It'll be a little snarky, a little sentimental, and always honest. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading!

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