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Cry It Out: Necessary Evil or Just Plain Evil?

If you're a parent, chances are that by now you've heard about that controversial new study on "cry it out". In fact, chances are every person you know has emailed you a link to it in the past 24 hours. This latest research out of Australia says that babies who are left to cry it out at night do not show increased levels of stress, or decreased levels of attachment to their parents. This is great news for sleep deprived moms and dads everywhere, and I'm definitely in that camp.

But cry it out, or CIO as they say in the mommy message boards, still isn't for me (so you can put down that pitchfork).

No, it's not because I think parents who use this method of sleeping training their kids are selfish or lazy. I actually kind of admire them for having the fortitude to get it done. I think babies are happier when they sleep well, and happier babies equal happier parents.

Nor is it because I seriously believe my daughter would be traumatized by CIO. This is a baby who is capable of forgetting that I'm next to her if she looks away from me for too long (she jumps out of her skin when she turns back and see me again). I don't think she has the memory capacity just yet to hold a grudge against me for not stopping her cries immediately.

It's really just because... I'm a wimp.

I cannot stand to listen to my daughter cry. It makes me so incredibly anxious that my heart rate speeds up and I get a bit naeseous. I'm honestly getting a little freaked out just typing this. As much as I hate getting up 3 to 4 times a night, as desperate as I am to get her to sleep more, there's no way I could willingly subject myself to that sound. I know it's a bit like cutting off my nose to spite my face, and I should probably toughen up, but I'm not there yet.

Of course, CIO is only recommended for babies 6 months and older, and my girl is only 5 months. Her sleeping problems only seem to be getting worse. Or maybe I'm just getting more and more rundown from so many wake ups. While CIO isn't a viable option for me at the moment, I think I'll book mark those links... Just in case.

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