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The One Weird Trick That'll Save You Tons of Money at Target

Target is to me what Las Vegas is to a gambling addict- a place where I might as well hand over the contents of my wallet the second I show up, because money is going to be blown. 

When you lose your shirt in Vegas, you're screwed. But when you lose it at Target, you can just buy a new one. And that is my problem. 

A recent trip there really made me think about my Target spending habits. 

Here's what I came home with:

  1. Glass water bottle

  2. Neon pink faux leather purse

  3. Romper for baby

  4. Summer dress for baby 

  5. Summer dress for me

  6. Teething toy 

  7. Pens

  8. Nail polish

  9. Adult coloring book 

And here's what was actually on my shopping list:

  1. Diapers

I think Target could actually learn a thing or two from Vegas, because even though I'm a one of their high rollers, none of this was comped.

But I did some research, and I realized there's a foolproof way to save so much money at Target. If you can follow this one easy tip, you could potentially be keeping hundreds of dollars a month in your pocket.

You ready?

Here it is!


Especially if you plan on staying out of the poor house. Seriously, just don't go there! Because if you're anything like me, self-control goes out the window as soon as you begin rummaging through Bullseye's Playground.

This problem has definitely gotten worse for me since having a baby, because Target is filled with the cutest kids stuff ever. Baby Em could have worn a different hat pretty much every single day this winter. She'll probably be able to wear a different pair of sandals every day this summer. And don't even get me started on the tiny dresses, a small mountain of which currently sits on on my dresser, threatening an avalanche.

You know that special Target does where you get a free gift card for buying a certain amount of things in one department? They run that promo pretty frequently on stuff like diapers and wipes. It's basically a Jedi mind trick, right? They're giving you a little, but they're getting you to spend a lot. Knowing that doesn't stop me from falling for it every time, however. Because it feels like "free money", and because shopping is fun.

I know I won't be following my own advice any time soon and actually staying out of Target. It's like that bullseye is hypnotic. So unless Target plans on changing its name and logo any time soon, resistance is futile. But I suppose it could be a lot worse. A significant percentage of mine and my daughter's wardrobes have been purchased there, at prices not nearly as expensive as the average mall store. But when she gets old enough to start sneaking her own little impulse buys into our cart... that's when I'm really in trouble. 


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