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It'll All Be Over Soon

In less than 48 hours, the race for president will finally be over (after what feels like roughly 480 years of campaigning). If it turns out the way I'm hoping, I'll wake up on Wednesday morning feeling like a brand new person. I've been stressed about this election for weeks now. My disgust over Donald Trump and his racist, sexist views and my anxiety over the very real possibility of him winning has put me in somewhat of a funk. I blame that for the fact that I've been writing a bit less than I would like lately (which is a much better excuse than Netflix binges, right?). 

My husband and I are planning a family trip to the polls tomorrow morning. I have a lengthy list of reasons why I'll be voting for Hillary- I agree with her stances on a woman's right to choose, on gun control, on Syrian refugees, on Obamacare, and much, much more. But the fact that she's a woman does of course play a role. It'll be amazing to cast a vote for (God willing) our first female president with our little girl in tow. I want her to understand that it doesn't have to "a man's world"- that the fact that she is a female won't hold her back from anything she wants to achieve, even if that's the most powerful job on the planet. 

There's still so much wrong with the way our society treats women (may I direct your attention to the other person running for President?), but I'm excited to be raising a girl in a time where just maybe that's beginning to change. 


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