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The Stuff of Nightmares

So there are two things that have been keeping me up at night lately. First of all, I randomly decided it would be a good idea to start watching “The Walking Dead.” This was a horrible decision for someone with a longstanding and intense fear of zombies. Every time my house creaks in the dark I imagine my brains are about to be eaten. I find myself taking a while to nod off at night, because I’m too keyed up thinking about how my family would fare in the event the dead rise up (currently, not well. I need to expand my definition of “emergency” preparation).

The other thing I find myself losing sleep over, and which is just as gory and terrifying and nihilistic as TWD, is the presidential election. Actually, I think the election is a million times scarier. Hordes of TV zombies may make me a bit jumpy, but the possibility of Donald Trump being president is the worst nightmare imaginable. 

I can’t stomach the thought of my little girl growing up in a country where the President actually brags about sexually assaulting women, and then has the balls to dismiss it as “locker room talk.” There are a dozen or so women out there who say it’s not just “talk.” And you know what? Even if this man weren’t a misogynist asshole, he’d still be a dangerous and deranged moron. I don’t believe he has any real grasp on domestic affairs, let alone international ones. I remember being so disappointed back in 2000 when George Bush was elected, because I didn’t think he was that smart. Today? I'm no Republican, but I could live with 4 more years of W if I had to. Or his father. Even zombie Ronald Reagan would be preferable to Trump. 

As much as this election is stressing me out, I can't seem to stop watching the frantic news coverage of every twist and turn (much the same way I can't stop binge watching a zombie show that scares the bejeezus out of me). Knowing that the campaign will be over soon gives me some consolation, but it remains to be seen whether this nightmare really ends on November 8th. 

It'll All Be Over Soon

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