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All the Things I Want to Remember About Babyhood


My baby girl has now officially lived longer on the outside than she did on the inside. How crazy is that? She recently turned 9 months old, and it feels like her first birthday is basically three seconds away. It's insane. Her toddler days are so close, but I'm trying so hard to hold on to her babyhood. I love every day of being her mama, and there's a part of me that never wants her to grow up. I know that isn't possible, so I'm doing my best to burn these precious moments into my mind forever:

The first time I felt her kick when I was pregnant.

The way her little knees were always jabbing me in the side while I was pregnant.

The way she would flip out if I tried to sleep on my side when I was pregnant. 

The feeling of her being lifted out of me during my C-section. 

How incredibly soft her cheek was the first time I kissed her. 

That her little newborn toes were the exact size and shape of Tic-Tacs. 

That her little newborn fingers were just like pretzel sticks. 

How good her head always smells, freshly bathed or not. 

Her adorably stinky her little feet are. 

The first time she smiled at me.

The first time she laughed, for daddy. 

Her gummy, toothless smile.

The first time I felt her first little tooth poking out. 

The first time she bit me with her one little tooth. 

The sound of her happy coos.

The sound of her angry babble.

When she laughs in her sleep. 

How many chins she has and how ticklish they are.

The way she clasps her hands in front of her when she is feeling a little anxious. 

How much she inspires me. 

How much I miss her when she falls asleep, even when I'm desperate for sleep myself. 

The way she lights up when she sees her own cute reflection in the mirror.

How her body relaxes into mine when I sooth her crying.

How sweet it is to have her sleep in my arms. 

There are so many things I hope I never forget or lose sight of (hello, teenage years during which she hates me). This is really just a small sampling. Every day has been so filled with joy, and as much as I want to keep it at bay, I'm so excited for the future. 

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